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Membership gives you Piece of Mind and Flexibility.

Ready to get away?

There’s a lot of ways to book a vacation home out there. Airbnb and VRBO are popular options, but you have to hope the right house is available when you go to book it and you usually can’t consistently stay in the same house year after year. There’s also not usually a personalized touch and it can be hard to stay connected to work with unreliable WiFi and no conferencing or presentation abilities.

Enter Juniper Tree Lodge. We offer a 5000 square foot fully equipped lake home complete with all the conferencing and modern amenities you need for your work vacation, corporate planning, retreat, or family trip. We offer a variety of concierge services to ensure we meet every need seamlessly and quickly.

The best part? You don’t have to compete with everyone with an app to book time at the lake house. We keep our client base small because we prefer it that way. Maintaining a small group of members allows us to get to know the groups that use the home year in and out, so we can anticipate your needs and keep the house in perfect shape.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy. Just reach out to us and let us know how many weeks a year you’d like to have access to the house. We start with one week a year and scale things up from there. The more weeks per year you book the house, the lower your weekly price becomes. We are big fans of our 3 weeks a year plan because it gives you the flexibility to host corporate planning or an executive retreat one week, executive reviews a later week, and a family vacation for the final week.

All of our membership levels come with firewood, snacks, bagged ice, fishing pond access, 2-3 meals per day for 10 adults, and coffee each day. When you stay at the lodge, you don’t have to worry about cooking – unless you want to take advantage of our fully stocked kitchen. We provide menu options for each meal and snack options, so if you want us to take care of the cooking, just tell us what you’d like.

More about the property

There’s nothing quite like a week at the lake. Becoming a member of Juniper Tree Lodge gives you access to the home just like you were a member of the family.

We are located 600 feet above Greers Ferry Lake in central Arkansas. The views our property has to offer are sweeping and stunning and we have easy access to the water below. We can coordinate boat rentals, SCUBA trips, and anything else you’d like to do during your stay on the lake. After you spend the day on the lake you can return to the lodge and enjoy our massive 2600 square foot deck while you catch up on some work or spend more time with your family. You can end your day with one of the best sunset views you’ll find anywhere in the country and a fire in the firepit. You can see the complete list of amenities we offer on our website.

Access to the lake is easy. We are 1.5 hours from Clinton National Airport and 20 miles from Heber Springs Municipal Airport. You can also drive to the lodge from several nearby cities if a road trip is more your style.

Want to learn more about becoming a member? Contact us today. We can help you figure out which membership level is right for you once we have a talk about your needs and anticipated uses of the property.

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